Risk Management

Proactive and professional security solutions to protect corporate assets.

Risk Assessments

We identify and understand security threats through a comprehensive assessment, followed by recommendations and risk mitigation.

Asset Protection

We review, develop and deliver customised protection services for business assets according to requirements, budget and security needs.

Specialised Industry

We specialise in delivering security services for the medicinal cannabis industry. This includes transport services using secure armoured and covert vehicles.

Security Documentation

We provide corporate documentation to ensure proactive solutions to reduce your risks and educate your people to better identify threats and prevent asset loss.

Access Control

Managed access control makes your property secure by restricting and tracking users on the system using technology for ultimate tracking and control.

Cyber Security

We partner with a strategic expert in this industry to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the cyber security needs of mission critical organisations.

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Risk Assessments

We deliver comprehensive reviews of business assets through our security risk assessments. 

A risk assessment is designed to provide a proven, standards-based framework for the implementation of a protective security program. It includes the identification and risk level of any security threats, as well as subsequent security recommendations.

We recommend risk assessments are conducted regularly to ensure we are utilising the latest and most relevant security practices to protect and preserve our clients’ assets.

Asset Protection

We offer security services designed for a range of assets. These can include buildings, machinery or large properties. If it is important and valuable to your company, we will help secure it.

Protect your business assets with comprehensive security, designed and delivered to meet your company requirements.

From traditional security guards to cash in transit experts to the development of unique tailored security operations, customised to suit your needs. 

Specialised Industry

Shield Corporate Security specialises in delivering security services for the medicinal cannabis industry. 

We offer transport services including the use of secure armoured and covert vehicles. All our security officers are trained in transport security and offer the highest level of security that meets and exceeds regulatory requirements.

With high levels of risk associated with this industry and stringent government legislation, it is vital to engage an experienced, specialist security team to assist you in the protection and movement of this controlled substance.

Security Documentation

Corporate security requires everyone who works within a business to comply with security regulations and processes. Poorly trained or careless staff are weak links in your corporate security.

We provide corporate documentation to help establish proactive security solutions which are clearly defined in black and white.

The documentation and processes are created to reduce your risks and educate your employees to better identify threats and prevent asset loss.

It also enables you to hold individuals accountable and provides a framework for training and security reviews.

Access Control

Control who has access to your property and restrict access to specific areas of your business with the use of technologically advanced access controls.

Managed access control makes your property secure by restricting and tracking users on an electronic system. It provides the most advanced level of control available.

We offer the following access control methods: security guards, smart cards, fobs, PIN pads, mobile devices, and/or biometric devices.

Your access control system can be custom-made for your business needs and setup.

Cyber Security

By engaging in the hacker’s mindset when we develop our services, we go the extra mile to provide advanced cyber security services as an integral part of a holistic security solution. 

We are raising the level of cyber-security services beyond others in the industry. 

We offer a unique, broad and insightful perspective to existing and potential security and cyber events. 

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