Specialised Security Services

Experience in government and military service, adaptable across industries.

Our Advantages

High skilled

We only engage highly skilled security professionals to work at Shield Corporate Security. Based on the task’s requirements, we are able to put together the best team from our security experts who bring knowledge and experience from various backgrounds.

Comprehensive services

Whatever your security requirements, we are able to deliver a comprehensive service package, bespoke to your needs. Our team of security professionals bring a range of knowledge and skills which enable us to provide our clients with a broad, complete and customisable range of services.

Latest Technology

We work with a strategic partner to deliver superior cyber security needs for mission-critical organisations. In the 21st century, the protection of both virtual and physical assets is equally critical. We also use cutting edge technology to enable the delivery of superior traditional security services.


Victorian Labour Hire Licence

A member of the AustraliaSecurity Industry AssociationLimited (ASIAL)

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System

ISO 45001:2018 OH&S

Our Partners

InnerVision Engineering provides a wide range of businesses with hardware, software and systems integration solutions for leading edge technology worldwide. Our ability to work with all brands and software, and to project manage to the highest level, allows us to deliver a customised solution to suit any business needs.

Our range of products and solutions include:

  • Car Park Systems
  • Automation
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Software Development
  • Work Site Monitoring
  • LED & LCD signage

With our experienced team and extensive network of contractors we are able to deliver a complete solution to clients whatever their need may be. We can manage projects from beginning to end, including supplying hardware and integration software, coordinating equipment and system installation, and providing after sales service and maintenance.

Our focus is on providing businesses with solutions that maximise their performance and are highly adaptable to our ever-changing world of technology.

Delta Tetra Consultancy was founded in early 2016 with the view to provide specialist cannabis turn-key project management services to a developing Australian medical cannabis sector.

Since then, Delta Tetra has played a key role in providing the nascent Australian cannabis industry with specialist knowledge, guidance and support. With our cannabis-specific approach, Delta Tetra is free from traditional corporate rigidity, yet respectful of the industry and the inherent complexities within it.

Delta Tetra has built a complex network of medical cannabis professionals and supporting companies to offer seed-to-sale project management solutions to individual entrepreneurs and companies alike.


Most businesses require some level of security to protect and defend their assets.

We recommend all of our new clients undergo a security risk audit. This allows us to understand and review your existing security, identify any risk areas and propose our recommendations. In addition to this, we also offer security training services and can help to upskill your team to deliver superior security services.

Yes, we are able to provide all of our security services across the world.

Wherever possible, we will respond immediately to security breaches. If we have installed our CCTV system which is linked to our 24/7 monitoring system, we will know about any issues immediately. Onsite security guards work as a team, communicating closely to respond in the event of a security incident.

The need and level of security is dependent on the event itself. We recommend all event coordinators consider the need for security, keeping the safety of all attendees as the primary focus.

Security tactics and training develop and change all the time. We strive to keep all of our personnel up to date on the latest techniques to deliver a superior service. We can help your team do the same through our training packages, updated regularly to reflect the most effective security tactics.

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