Medicinal cannabis security solutions

Shield Corporate Security, based in Melbourne, Victoria, is an industry leader in risk management, physical security and electronic security. 

Combining our expertise in physical security, technology, installation, and after-sales services has helped us become masters of cannabis facility security and compliance.  We are one-stop solution for all security, risk management, surveillance and access control needs; to provide to each facility a fully controlled environment.


Shield Corporate Security provides specialized security services. We are a leading security provider in the medicinal cannabis area. Utilizing our comprehensive government and military experience, we provide tailor made solutions to counter and mitigate risks, for specific and generic threats.

Maintaining a broad range of services and licenses, we cover all aspects of Security Operations and Risk Management. Shield obtains recognized experience, in both Operations and Training that ensures delivery of a professional and innovative security packages.

Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

The primary intent of the assessment is to provide a proven, standards-based framework for the implementation of a protective security program. It is designed to act as a reference document for planning and implementing security at a proposed site.

The plan is in alignment with current and proposed Australian (Federal) and state’s laws, regulations, and standards. This document will provide security recommendation that can be implemented to ensure compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements.

In-House Consulting & Design (SMP)

Our team custom designs your Security Master Plan (SMP), to meet your specific needs.

We do not use a generic template. We will work closely with you and your design team to ensure your system is exactly what you need for your facility’s unique application; regardless of size and location.

Video Surveillance / CCTV

Video Surveillance System that allows users and Control Room to view security cameras through combined wired and wireless network connections.

CCTV remote access systems utilize state-of-the-art visual aids such, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, – overt or covert – and IR (Thermal Vision) technology, which gives you 24/7 visual access control on your facility.

Access Control

Choose your access control method: security guards, smart cards, fobs, PIN pads, mobile devices, and/or biometric devices.

Managed access control makes your property secure by restricting and tracking users on the system.  

Intrusion Alarm System

Know you’re protected from burglary and break-ins by our advanced security technologies installed on windows, doors, and other access points so you and the Control Room are immediately notified of any unauthorized intrusion into your facility.

Monitoring Centre

The Monitoring Centre provides uninterrupted alarm monitoring 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

Ongoing monthly service to monitor video verification of alarm signal, quarterly performance evaluation, and interactive video monitoring are provided.

When your alarm is triggered, the alarm signal will be transmitted to the monitoring centre. Upon receiving the alarm signal, one of our trained operators will immediately initiate a comprehensive protection and response process.

Static Guard and Patrol

Human factor is always important. Shield offers internally trained security officers, armed and unarmed to perform access control and patrol services, tailored to the needs of your operation.


Regulations are strict, and the costs of not getting your license or losing it, can be catastrophic.

We are experts in the security regulations for security compliance.

We provide ease of mind for you to focus on other aspects of your medicinal cannabis business.

If you are after a manufacturing license, you will need a license from the TGA and you will need to complete a yearly security audit.

Shield delivers security audits in compliance with TGA regulations.

Employees Theft Prevention

Undergoing due diligence in employee hiring, including conducting background checks and Social Engineering awareness training.

Transportation of medicinal cannabis

Shield Security offers transport services using secure armoured and covert vehicles.

All security officers are trained in transport security and can offer a level of security that meets the regulatory requirements. 

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