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Corporate Risk Management

We identify and mitigate corporate risk using our years of industry experience delivering proactive security operations and planning, preparing businesses to face any challenge.

Security Services

Our experienced and highly trained professionals offer covert protection services, security personel, close personal protection, mass gathering counter-terrorism solutions and tailored security operations.

Security Training

Equip your team with the skills needed in our training sessions covering topics including tactical handguns, operational counter terrorism, edged weapons defensive, security awareness and CQB defensive.

Expert Security Solutions

We’re dedicated to developing long term, supportive client relationships and are led by experts in tactical and strategic security operations delivering high levels of professionalism across a broad range of security services.

Specialised, proactive and professional security solutions

Utilising international government and military service experience, Shield Corporate Security provides tailor-made and specialised solutions to counter and mitigate security risks.

Our 4D methodology equips your organisation with effective security measures and procedures that help you detect, deter, delay and defend against threats.

We are committed to engaging only highly skilled security personnel. We provide you with preventative measures, peace of mind and confidence. We uphold the professional reputation and protecting our clients’ assets is our top priority.

4D Methodology

Our 4D methodology equips your organisation with effective and proactive security measures.

Through risk assessments and security audits, early detection of threats to your assets is the first, key step which we take with all of our clients.

Regular security risk assessments enable us to identify threats, monitor developments and initiate appropriate responses.

We are able to detect threats and attack behaviours at any stage, from the planning to reconnaissance to deployment, enabling us to intercept as early as possible.
Visible security measures are designed to actively deter security threats.

These include physical features such as controlled access points and fences as well as specialist services including mobile security patrols, 24/7 monitored CCTV systems and experienced uniformed guards.

Deterring also aims to deny adversaries access to any information which may assist in their attack.
In the event of an attack, delaying security measures work to provide responding forces as much time as possible to react.

This may include slowing down the movement of the security threat from entry to their target. The longer the plan takes to complete, the greater the chance that security agents are able to intercept.

By limiting access to information, attack plans cannot be optimised and therefore attackers will encounter delays, once again providing time for security forces to respond.
In the event of an attack, security protocols which are in place need to be active to defend the attack.

This could include defensive solutions such as safes and vaults. From traditional metal safes, we also offer the installation of fire-resistant and explosion-resistant safes if require.

An initial security audit will inform the level of defensive equipment which your assets require.

Our Client’s Experience

“Shield Corporate Security recently completed a CAPEX installation project for us and I would like to say that it was managed professionally and made my life easy, especially given the short time frame and the requirements in a GMP environment. The installers were grade A and followed our hygiene procedures well.”

- Simon S

Operations Manager, pharmaceutical company

“Thank you Shield Corporate Security for the Sunday just passed, the supervisor and the staff with him were fantastic, very friendly and down to earth while still maintain a very high level of professionalism.”

- Mel

Event manager, music festival

“Mr. Dromi, It was our honour to receive you as a conference speaker at the Milipol Asia-Pacific 2019 Conference which went extremely well. On behalf of the organisers, our supporting associations and the attendees I would like to thank you for taking the time to provide such a compelling and informative presentation.”

- Andrew Marriott

Managing Director,Comexposium Singapore

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