Tactical Handgun Training

Our tactical handgun training is designed for all levels of security professionals and law enforcement agents. Over 4 days, our course up-skills trainees in a wide range of handgun tactics to improve shooting accuracy and skills.

Based on the Israeli way and tactics, our 4 day program covers everything from basic skills (such as stance and grip) to advanced level skills (such as shooting from behind barriers and stress simulation drills).

After participating in our course, individuals will be able to fully function under heavy stress and gain comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Course Context

Please note that the course is demanding and has a strict time-frame.
Only Licensed Officers (L.E.O. and Security Officers) can apply.
The training can be deliver Internationally.
Course price $ 2000 AUD

1st Day – (approx. 300 rounds per person)
  • Concept introduction
  • Intro to firearms mindset
  • Firearm theory / Weapon system familiarization / Safety Check
  • Building the “Base”
  • Theory of “Aim Shooting”
  • “Aim Shooting” – Practice
2nd Day – (approx. 450 rounds per person)
  • Review of last day’s materials
  • Magazine Changes
  • Kneeling
  • Malfunctions
3rd Day – (approx. 500 rounds per person)
  • Review of last day’s materials
  • Shooting behind cover –
  • Turning
  • Running / Movement
4th Day – (approx. 500 rounds per person)
    • Review all materials / Practice
    • Theory of “Point Shooting”
    • Point Shooting Practice
    • Combination Drills
    • Scenario training
    • Stress Simulation Drills