Security Awareness Courses

The security industry is constantly changing. Understanding the threats that lay ahead can make a great difference.

Building up your mindset is the 1st of the 6 aspects in the Security Concept (security awareness, counter terrorism, CQB, edged weapons, firearms, operational driving).

Awareness is not only for security agents, although it is mandatory when you are in the industry. It is the first step that categorises you as a security professional and makes the difference that can save your life in any encounter.

At Shield we constantly monitor global and local events, to look out for the latest trends and ensure we stay ahead of threats. With knowledge and long-term experience in the field we have developed tested strategies that can assist you to start your career as a security professional.

We provide a fully developed Security Awareness course. This can enhance you with in-depth understanding of the security concept and prepare you for the emerging risks.

The main ambition of this course is to enable you to recognise suspicious behavior and be able to make decisions.

The course is designed for Security Professionals, Law Enforcement agents, Companies and their employees, and any person that wants to be ahead of risks.

It can be delivered in one single day.

At Shield we believe that Security Awareness matters!

Whether you are a high or low risk company or individual, we can take on any challenge.